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Our website is dedicated to various Toronto topics. We mostly cover information and news as it relates to the housing market. If you live in Toronto everyone loves to discuss housings, costs associated with housing, deals on rentals; anything related to people living situation.

The different levels of government have a huge impact on the local housing situation. The lack of affordable housing throughout the region is an obvious problem. But the lack of proper transit in Toronto has compressed the potential areas where Toronto residents can afford to live. If you look along the existing subways lines you have very few condos along the Bloor-Danforth subway line. There are some great buildings along Bloor St like the 707 Lofts and thankfully we are building some more at Bathurst and Bloor.

The potential to build more condos along subways is going to happen and there are various websites that help cover the issue https://createto.ca/housingnow/ . The City of Toronto has introduced various policies and how zoning regulations can be changed to help increase housing. The new rules around laneway housing is one example.